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Commercial Pressure Washing

Property Owners and Managers

commercial surface power cleaning

First Impressions

Nobody likes the feeling of being dirty.  Unfortunately you can get that same feeling walking into a retail store or office center that hasn't been properly maintained.  First impressions only come once so you have to make it count.  Calling Clean Start Pressure Washing is a great first step to giving your commercial property an inviting feel.

Commercial Pressure Washing
commercial power washing

Eliminate Hazards

Private businesses are hit with millions of dollars of slip and fall injuries every year.  Preventing them is important to property managers and business owners.  When grimy walkways are wet they become very slippery and can cause injuries.  We remove algae, mold, dirt and all types of grime solving this problem for you.



We are available to work 24 hours a day so you don't need to adjust your business hours.  Working late nights and early mornings allows you or your tenants to continue business as usual with no interruptions or inconveniences.


Proper Equipment

With our hot water commercial pressure washing rig we can take care of many of the common issues we encounter.  Most gum, oil and grease stains can be removed along with any organic stains like mold and algae.

We're Already Insured

Since we specialize in commercial property pressure washing we already have the proper insurance typically required by most property owners.  But, if you need more we are happy to look into what you require and add it to what we have in order to make you feel comfortable with our work.

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